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Online Training

Study at! 

With hundreds of video lessons for all levels, taught by the highest level instructors of To-Shin Do, is the best place to go for online instruction. Don’t live near a To-Shin Do instructor? Start training now!

Online Private Lessons

Want to get personalized training? Why not take a private lesson from Kentoshi? Private lessons are available in person at his Ohio training locations, as well as online. Video private lessons carry the same insights and depth of knowledge as an in-person lesson. Try one out today!

When I first heard online private lessons were coming out, I was skeptical. I need to see, feel, and hear things to get them and I was nervous not being able to “feel it” would be an issue. I started doing lessons with James Kentoshi Norris in 2011 because my training methods simply weren’t working for me. I’ve been doing them 2-4x per month ever since. It’s absolutely amazing what we can accomplish. From basics of a kata to advanced mechanics, from the subtle to the obvious, we can cover it all. For me, having a regular teacher is key. I am so grateful that this technology exists. My taijutsu is smoother and my teaching is elevated because I chose to invest in my training.

Mary Aitoshi Stevens

4th degree black belt, To-Shin Do

Video Evaluations

Like video private lessons, video evaluations give a high level of personalized feedback. You can take a short video of your training and have Kentoshi return a video with feedback, both spoken and even drawn right over the top of your video so you can get a visual understanding of just what is going on. The best part is you can watch the feeedack over and over again! (These evaluations are just for feedback. Actual rank evaluations must be sent to our site)

Train in Person

Our schools


James Kentoshi Norris and his wife Johanna teach ongoing classes in Yellow Springs, Ohio and Cincinnati, Ohio. In the Ohio area? Follow the links to learn more about those schools.

Upcoming Events

In addition to ongoing classes, James Kentoshi Norris presents special workshops and training events all over Ohio and worldwide. Below are the current upcoming events:


Free Women’s Self-Defense Workshop

Saturday, February 17th (1:00 to 2:30 pm)

Join us for a free 90-minute Women’s Self-Defense workshop in Springdale. We’ll go over simple, but effective physical skills as well key ways to use mind and voice in a conflict.

This event all women aged 14 and up interested in learning valuable self-protection skills. We suggest wearing comfortable workout clothes.

Cincinnati Quest Martial Arts is a safe and friendly place to practice dealing with difficult situations.

Space is limited to only 20 participants to be sure you get the most of your experience. Call us at 513-671-0239 or register here on Eventbrite to reserve your space.